I am unmotivated, tired, anxious,angry, sad, irritated and not at all a loving person. 

I have no perspective, no intention, no hope, faith or real dreams. 

I am feeling empty, shallow and incomplete.  

I can’t smile easily or truly, can’t avoid judgments or bad impressions, can’t stop questioning and underrating every emotion.

I am constantly in a mood swing, constantly ahead of the moment, constantly feeling a knot on my stomach. 

I don’t believe in nothing, not even in my own strength and capacity. 

I lost all the enthusiasm to study, work, create, nurture, grow, invest.

My future looks locked up to an eternal revival of old tramas, and I gave up on wishing something better.

Is time to do different in order to be different.

40 days.

No sugar

No alcohol

No red meat

No weed

No cigarettes

No scapism

No self sabotage

No self destruction

No self pity

No ungrateful attitude


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