I am reborn, new again, begging a new cycle. I can feel the energy in me growing and spinning, moving me and in me and pushing me foward with motivation, joy and gratitude. 

Still, not everyone can feel this in the same way, or acknowledge the persistence and heaviness of our own thoughts and interpretation into the process of building reality. 

I can’t avoid being mad, disappointed and ashamed of people around me with lazy, self pity and cynical behaviors. I understand​ that I have an unique source of energy and motivation, that rises from the sacred place of my self unity, I understand that not everyone found this so far. But still, for how long people will keep destroying their environment, relationships, dreams, desires, projects, reality with childish and selfish attitudes? 
Time is passing, without warning or ceremony. Is flying over us, disguised with the ordinary sensation of linear progression and numb with the logical division of its parts into hours, days, weeks, months.

My time is now, is here, and it’s the only tool I have to build the reality I look for. It’s the matter of existence and the fuel to power my dreams. I have nothing else but the power and right to apply my passing slippery time on my daily rituals of self construction and heart cravings. 

I hope people around me will have the same motivation, understanding and interaction with time and life.

To live boundlessly, free and, if not so yet, strong to break the chains of every day slavery of unrealistic self pity amd egocentrism. 

But again, I am being terrible arrogant thinking I found something more than everyone else. Sorry for giving me right, even for a moment, of feeling somehow superior. Be noted that this is not what I want to feel, but some persistent feeling. 


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