For some people life is a repetition of ordinary and also familiar situations, pointed with a feel remarkable events that help create a mental map of one’s life story. Lost a teeth at the age of seven, had the first kiss at twelve, faced some interpersonal issues at high school, got rebel and confused at teenage, university, first love, closest friends getting married, marrying someone, and so on. 

For some other people, life is a sequence of random and intense events which not only create timeline marks but also shift and shake one’s entire experience beyond the expected linear path ahead, making its life story look more as a continuous process of unstoppable breaks and a vivid manifestation of one’s will and intention. 



We got to this part where love is more a hope and a wish then a feeling, statement or a believe. 


Sabe, as vezes a gente acredita tanto na ideia, sente tão fundo como verdade, que passa a reconstruir partes​ dela na sua projeção. 

Eu mudei tanto, tanta coisa em mim mudou. Talvez uma das coisas que mudou sustentava a minha ideia. 

 Eu to com tanto medo de não me apaixonar de novo.