02.06 until when?

[2/6 17:27] Midori Hamada: I am at the last day of the seminar, professors are going wild because today we should develop some new research agenda, they are discussing non stop and its fun to watch, its nice to see how excited they are. But I can’t stop thinking how idiot is all this. They already now all this, they have no idea of what to study now

[2/6 17:29] Midori Hamada: They are rambling around the same point of view with no new perspective, no proposition to change this fucking system. I am almost exploding here creating this whole speech in my mind

[2/6 17:30] Midori Hamada: At the same time, my mind cant take out of my view this visa problem, the fear of not having you again, and what I am fucking doing with my life?

[2/6 17:37] Midori Hamada: I don’t know if I should say what I am thinking, because I am just a fucking graduation student, and they all are professors with more than 50 years

[2/6 17:37] Midori Hamada: But I freaking out here

[2/6 17:38] Michael Scholtyssek: Oh Babe..

[2/6 17:39] Michael Scholtyssek: Grab just someone you feel you could reach with that spirit and make him or her discuss with you. You think it is possible?

[2/6 17:44] Michael Scholtyssek: Are you going to have a little celebration or sit in or similar?

[2/6 17:45] Midori Hamada: No, I am going to sao bernardo immediately after this

[2/6 17:52] Midori Hamada: I will wait until the day you will say to me to set fire in the world and follow my eagerness to manifest the truth in which I believe.


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