Masdar Abu Dhabi, 2007 Foster and partners

The problem with the process of constructing a city from the sketch is disconsidering the process of ocupation. A city can’t be a product, offered by the end of it’s production. It has to grow, construct, developmento associated with the initial occupantion of the urban environment.
Plus: workers should, as part of the work agreement, receive a housing unity and a possibility of integrantion in the city, not in the outkirts, improvised,
inaccessible regions of the urban dynamic. Instead should be part of the planning conceptual bases.
Completely new cities seems an unstoppable horizon, and it’s uniform aesthetic as result of the contemporary (pos-contemporary?) imagination, an inevitable result.
Therefore, the inclusion of the continuity of the urban formation should be used as the linear projection of the city development. The steps of the project, it’s implementation must consider the construction site as it’s initial existence, activity, movement, fluxes, axes and access. A city can’t be produced in the same industrial spirit. Cities emerged,survived and remained having human and social development as its spark and fuel.

Personally, I doubt that its possible to create a city without social dynamic as fundamental step of the urban space.



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